Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Invisible Glove

I have had a lot of posts this spring regarding our Shaklee Get Clean Kit. One of my favorite products is the Basic H2. So many uses - even I forget about using it in all the situations. The other day I was staining my deck. When I finished, I came inside to clean my hands ( I am a messy painter/stainer ). That was when I realized I forgot my invisible glove!!

Invisible Glove of Basic H2 – lightly coat your hands with Basic H2 and let dry before painting, staining, gardening etc & clean-up will be a breeze. Everything rinses right off because the paint, stain or dirt never got onto the hands to adhere.

If you have an interest in non-toxic, green, economical & effective cleaning products, you can get the kit at membership pricing through June 30th! Just order directly from the link.

To Your Health,