Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Try This At Home...Cleaner Reaction

Please Don't try this at could be hazardous to your health. 
Check out this photo and see the reaction when using products that can harm you.
Do you or someone you know use Ivory Snow and Clorox 2?

Jar with the red lid is Ivory Snow & Clorox 2 mixed then let sit. It bubbled over the top then formed this thick layer of gel.

Jar with the white lid is Shaklee Fresh Laundry & Nature Bright

Many people don't know there can be danger in mixing cleaning products together.

The fumes can be deadly & this type of reaction is not good for your plumbing.
You see there was NO reaction with the Shaklee products.

What do you want your family sleeping on and living in? 

To Your Health,

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Worlds Best Breakfast !

You know how they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It sets the tone for the rest of the day...Make a poor choice or no choice and  you will pay for it in effects on your blood sugar, energy, and mental focus.   Make the right choice and you have started your day full of energy, satiated til lunch, and able to accomplish whatever is on your list.  This is my favorite breakfast !   Cinch ! It comes in 4 different flavors - Vanilla, Chocolate, Cafe Latte or Strawberry.  It even comes in a Cinch Whey Protein version.  Then you can also mix it up for an infinite number of choices.  This morning I had Chocolate Cinch, 8 oz. of soy milk, 4 ice cubes and a teaspoon of instant coffee.   I had it ready to drink right after yoga class (it is a proven after work out drink...helps you maintain lean muscle mass. )  Thanks to Ashley for sharing these additional Chocolate Cinch Shake Recipes.

To Your Health,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't Support Pink Washing!

Pinkwashing: A term used to describe companies that position themselves as leaders in the fight against breast cancer while engaging in practices that may be contributing to rising rates of the disease.

We’ve all seen personal care products dressed up with pink ribbons to “raise awareness” about breast cancer. Unfortunately, many of the corporations using the pink ribbon continue to use chemicals that are linked to cancer and hormone disruption. We need to shift the conversation toward disease prevention- and we can! We can use our voices, our dollars and our votes to support organizations, companies and elected officials that promise not to allow harmful chemicals in cosmetics and other products in the first place. That is a real commitments to women’s health.

Read more:


This blog post from Healthy Child/ Healthy World really struck a nerve with me....It has become really "in"  to be wearing pink ribbons, socks or bands to support cancer awareness.   That is great - if that is not all you are doing.  Did you know many of the products in your home, the same ones that are also sporting "Pink" this month are made of  carcinogens &/or other harmful toxic chemicals.  Toxins that are harming your health and the health of  the planet.  You take a stand with every dollar you spend.  If you purchase products from these manufacturers you are telling them you find this acceptable and they should continue....even if you are wearing the pink pin. 

Educate yourself about what you bring into your home at

If you are looking for alternatives - products that are safe for you, safe for your family and safe for the planet - do like I did and look to a company that has been walking the walk for 54 years - SHAKLEE.   If I can help you find substititutions - let me know.   

Lets stop pinkwashing and lets stop pink hypocricy.

To Your Health,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

High Blood Pressure Falls from 220/120 to 155/85


In 2006, I entered the hospital because of elevated blood pressure which was 224/130, and was released after three days after they were able to bring it down to 180/120. I had a tightness in the middle of my chest, and my body was always so very hot. For one year I took 10mg of Lisinopril and 400mg of Levatolol and a water pill. My Blood Pressure continued to be elevated. I was only 40 years old at this time.

In 2007 I had a series of tests performed at Yale New Haven, with ten doctors taking part in it, only to be told that everything was normal. They were not able to find out what was causing the elevated Blood Pressure. They did prescribe three RX's and after taking them for three days, my gums began to bleed. I stopped taking everything and continued to live with the High Blood Pressure.

I should also mention that I am in fit condition, perfect weight, I exercise for 45 to 60 minutes in the AM and PM daily, and eat a healthy diet. I still have the elevated Blood Pressure, and the date is September 22, 2010.

I was introduced to Vivix by Shaklee, and anti aging tonic through the wife of one of my clients. She gave me a bottle to try and see if it would lower my Blood Pressure. I take 1 tsp.daily and here are the results in less than two weeks.


Today is 10/06/10 , and I just returned from seeing my doctor who I have check me monthly....he was very delighted to see how low my Blood Pressure was since my last visit. I told him what I was taking....Vivix by Shaklee, and I gave him my testimonial along with the Vivix brochure and he kept it, and said he may be using it.

I am so happy to see that something is working to lower my High Blood Pressure...the only thing I am doing differently is taking this one tsp. of Shaklee Vivix, which is an anti aging tonic daily. My wife noticed my body is back to normal temperature as well and I sleep through the night like a little baby and have lots of energy.

I thank God and Shaklee for this wonderful blessing of improved health.


Greetings !

Leon reports today...10/12/10.....his blood pressure is 155/85.....did I also mention he used to have this feeling of a lump in the crux of his throat when he would eat. It was like something was stuck and wouldn't go down. Well that feeling is gone and has been for over a week now. He is so full of energy and sleeps like a baby. He doesn't huff and puff when climbing stairs anymore. Praise God and Shaklee Vivix!!!

If you would like to receive the testimonial E-booklet, please fill out your informaton.

As always, if you feel this can help someone you care about, please pass it along!

To Your Health,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Could Your Cleaners be Connected to Children's Health & Behavior?

I just received this email entitled "Chemicals" & Your Families Health.... .  This is very similar to my family story, although we were fortunate to find Shaklee prior to beginining any pharmaceutical route.



Educate yourself about what you bring into your home at Household Products Database  and make concious decisions.  There are alternatives!

Email me and I would be happy to send you a pdf of popular cleaners and the ingredients that are causing harm to your family.  Feel free to browse my online catalog at the right for mentioned  products  or contact me if you want info to changes in your household.

Read Beth's story below....

To Your Health,

My experience with Shaklee products began from a desperate need to get help for my son. He had been on Ritalin for two and one- half years.

What began as a "miracle drug" ended as a personality-altering nightmare.

At first, we were amazed at how he instantly became a good student. He was no longer in trouble all the time and had the ability to sit still and focus. He said "okay" when asked to perform simple tasks, and "thank
you" and " I'm sorry". He actually complimented his brothers! Our lifestyle as a family changed drastically and the constant tension was eased.

By the end of two and one-half years, however, the medication had taken its toll. It became a sedative that worked for a short time, but when it began to wear off, our son would become explosive. Once, when he was in a rage of frustration and anger, I asked him what was wrong, and all he could say, in fits of tears and thrashing, was, "I don't know, Mommy!! I don't know!!" He was nine years old.

At the same time, the Lord brought a new friend into my life. She "happened" to be a very experienced mother of four boys -two of whom were taking Shaklee supplements for ADHD. My husband and I decided to try the same program they were using, and we are so glad we did!

To summarize…our son is now able to be the person God made him to be.

Shortly after beginning the program, we came to know a boy we had never had the opportunity to know before. Not only did his creativity come back, but a thoughtful, kind, insightful attitude accompanied it. There
is a depth in him that the "focus" of medication limited. Ritalin kept him focused, but very shallow. He's free now to think and express himself in delightful and deeply thoughtful ways. He remains very active, which can be, honestly, quite trying at times. But his need for physical expression is minor compared to what we have gained. We've discovered that there are other answers for the behavior difficulties.

I had heard something about fumes from cleaning supplies causing children to be"hyper " and out of control. I gave it little thought until one day I was cleaning the bathroom with bleach and made myself sick with the
smell of Clorox bleach in my nostrils. I thought that if it could cause me, an adult, to feel so ill, what must it do to a child? Several days later, my boys were playing in the basement, and suddenly my oldest became very mean-spirited, bossy, and LOUD (does that sound familiar to any of you?!). Immediately I thought, "What has he had to eat?" I couldn't think of anything he'd eaten that would make him act this way.

Looking in the direction of the noise, I realized that the dishwasher was on. I couldn't imagine that it possibly could be the fumes from the dishwasher detergent; however, I decided to experiment during the next few days.

Each day, while my son was doing well, I'd turn on the dishwasher, and as soon as the steam began seeping out with the smell of detergent, he would go crazy!! It was as if he responded on cue: a phenomenon I would
not have believed if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! Needless to say, we have changed to Basic D for the dishwasher, and we also use Basic H and G. I have seen no ill effects of these cleaners on my kids, and I
have watched my boys while I used the products, so that I could monitor any changes in their behavior.

Taking his supplements has been a part of my son's daily routine now for almost three years. By the way, until we began the Shaklee supplements, he and his brothers were in the doctor's office at least once every six weeks for this or that ailment. In the last three years, he has been to see the doctor one time!

I am so thankful for Shaklee and am glad that I can always trust the consistency of their products. Shaklee has given us so much hope for our son, and, the quality of our life as a family has dramatically improved.

Thank you, Shaklee! Beth Shaum

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Fall Behind" "D Ahead"

Pretty soon it will be time to change our clocks.  You know what they say Fall Behind - Spring Forward.  Well, I just got this from my friend Dr. Chaney and his take on how this relates to our Vitamin D needs.  Seems like great timing, because through October 17th you can get Vitamin D at 15% off!  Just click here.  Want to know exactly how much you should be taking?  Use the Vitamin D-Ology quiz.

To Your Health,

In just a few weeks we will be told to "fall behind" - set our clocks back one hour as we go off Daylight Savings Time.

That's also a good time to "D ahead" - to increase our vitamin D intake.

That's because our bodies just don't make vitamin D as well during the winter months.

The very first step in making vitamin D occurs when our skin converts a metabolite of cholesterol to vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol - and that reaction depends on UV (ultraviolet) radiation from the sun.

From there the vitamin D3 travels to our liver where it is converted to 25-hydroxy vitamin D3 (the form of vitamin D that is measured in our blood).

And the 25-hydroxy vitamin D3 travels to our kidney where it is converted to 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3 - the active form of vitamin D that is responsible for building strong bones and conferring all of the other health benefits associated with vitamin D.

But the very first step in the process occurs in our skin and is absolutely dependent on exposure to UV radiation.

And when the sun is low in the sky, our UV exposure decreases significantly even if we spend just as much time outdoors and expose just as much skin surface - both of which are unlikely for the cold winter months.

So just remember each year when you are told to "Fall Behind" (set your clocks back) it's time to "D forward" your vitamin D intake - an increase of 1,000 IU/day will usually be sufficient.

And in the spring when you are told that it's time to "Spring Forward" (set your clocks ahead) it will be time to "D Behind" - decrease your vitamin D intake by about 1,000 IU/day.

To Your Health!

Dr. Stephen G Chaney

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tricks and Treats for Halloween

Halloween should give you some good scares, not actually anything to worry about.

For a safe and ecofriendly holiday, try these tips:

-Set a spooky mood with soy or beeswax candles, not those made from petroleum-based paraffin. If you like scented candles, look for ones with fragrances derived from essential oils rather than synthetic chemicals.

-Invest creativity instead of cash in your costume. Dig into the back of the closet (yours or a friend's) or hit the thrift store to find wacky clothes and accessories instead of buying plastic costumes.

-Avoid masks made out of vinyl. Latex ones are safer, unless you're allergic to the material.

-Whether you're going glamorous or ghoulish, use natural makeup to avoid chemical exposure.

-Hand out fair trade or organic chocolates, organic hard candy, fruit snacks, or other ecofriendly edibles to all those cute trick-or-treaters.

-Worried about rotting those little monsters' teeth? Fun nonfood alternative treats include nontoxic crayons, coloring books, stickers, or even small change.

-Whether for dressing up or handing out, avoid costume jewelry, especially glossy, fake painted pearls and toys from vending machines, both of which may contain lead. There have been many recalls of lead-containing children’s products this year, so use a Lead Check kit if you're unsure about a toy your child already owns.

-Look up some recipes for pumpkin pie, soup, or curry so your decoration doesn't go to waste after Halloween. (Not much of a chef? Compost that jack-o-lantern, at least.)

-Don't forget a reusable shopping bag to carry your trick-or-treating haul!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Marysville's Margaret Kime still plugging along after 99 years

Came across this article by Herald Columnist,  Kristi O'Harran and couldn' t resist sharing.

To Your Health,

MARYSVILLE -- If Shaklee nutrition company wants to document its success, they should visit Margaret Kime. She’s been taking their products for almost 50 years. Kime swears by Vivix, an anti-aging tonic. She is 99 years old. Her husband, Ed, 91, lives down her hallway at Madeline Villa in Marysville. Kime said she has outlived two sons and has no one else to care for her. It was great to see her again. I wrote about her in 2003. “Not aging, just marinating” was the headline. She’s marinated quite well.

Kime still wears her thin hair short, saying it’s easier to take care of. Her health is good, though her eyes are going bad. She wants for nothing and loves Madeline Villa. “The housework is done,” Kime said. “This is living.”

Her room is sparse, with only a few bits of memorabilia. She won countless blue ribbons at the Evergreen State Fair for machine knitting — after she was 80 years old. The bulk of the ribbons were donated to Special Olympics. “Somebody is going to enjoy those ribbons,” she said.

Her hometown is Sultan, where her father worked for the railroad. She said she is the last of the 17 graduates from Sultan High School’s class of 1928.

Ten years ago, the Kimes moved to senior housing in Everett. She wasn’t going to tip back in a recliner, she said, although she did give up teaching and custom knitting. She made more than 1,200 sweaters by machine through the years.

Kime got busy meeting apartment dwellers from New York, Florida and Tennessee. The job she fashioned for herself was that of a social director. She said if you wanted to make a friend, just walk the hallways. At the nursing home, Mark Hinricksen got to know Kime when his mother, Jane Hinricksen, was Kime’s roommate. “Margaret was a great influence on her,” Mark Hinricksen said. His mother recovered from a fall and has since left the nursing home. Mark Hinricksen said he enjoyed Kime’s long memory, including stories from World War I.

When Kime was a youngster and her father worked the railroad telegraph, he was the first person in town to know the war had ended. Hinricksen said Kime made him laugh for hours with her stories. “She’s sharp as a tack,” he said. Kime’s humor is delightful. “At age 25, you have a lot of boyfriends and wonder who will I take?” she said. “At age 58, you wonder what can I get?” Seven years ago, Kime talked about the benefits of staying active.

Not so active these days, she isn’t interested in going on group outings or shopping. “Shopping isn’t my thing,” she said. “I haven‘t been to the Everett Mall in 30 years.” She would travel for one thing — to see an exhibit of glass by Dale Chihuly. All in all, life is good for this 99-year-old. She savors memories, such as the years she ran a booth at the old three-day Monroe Fair. She cooked and sold rabbit. Yes, folks stood in line for rabbit, she said.

Kime said she is content with how much world she saw in her day. She even met her guru, company founder Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, twice.